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Acid V-White Complex 9500

Acid V-White Complex 9500


V-White Complex 9500 Skin Antioxidants is new formula. Injection to be absorbed immediately with the results reflecting very fast.



Acid V-White Complex 9500 is injected into the in the skin. It is advised to seek the advise of a profession when you using this medication. This medication if very efficient and the results reflect very fast.

Acid V-White Complex 9500 Skin Antioxidants
Acid V-White Complex 9500 Antioxidants is new formula. Injection to be absorbed immediately.

Ingredient Acid V-White Complex 9500:

  • Glutathione + Plant Cells 500mg
  • Pine Bark Extract 350 mg
  • Vitamin C 1000 mg
  • Tomato Extract 250 mg
  • Collagen Extract 1000 mg

Packing: (5 ml x 6 amp) (10 ml x 6 amp)

Recommended Dosage :

– Can be injected via the muscle. One injection per week for 3-6 consecutive months. It is recommended to seek the aid of a profession when sing the medication.

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