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Muscle relaxant to remove frown lines between the eyebrows

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What is Azzalure Botulinum?

Azzalure® Botulinum is mainly for the treatment of profound grimace lines that show up vertically between the eyebrows. The medication can augment appearance by making better the general outward appearance and making the individual look not so much troubled but rather more welcoming to approach. The constructive outcomes of Azzalure can psychologically affect the individual creation them more sure with their appearance.

How does Azzalure Botulinum work in the body?

A functioning fixing called botulinum poison type A, is gotten from Clostridium botulinum, a kind of microscopic organisms. The poisons job is to prevent nerves from completing their ordinary capacity. By forestalling the arrival of huge synthetic substances, muscle withdrawal is likewise hindered. The constructive outcome is to make muscles between the eyebrows loose, lessening the presence of vertical scowl lines. The impact is just brief and further medicines can be allowed at regular intervals.

When will results first start to be visible?

Results will first start to be visible after 3 days.

How long will the result  for Azzalure last?

The effect can last for up to four months.

The following individuals can use Azzalure® Botulinum but only after seeking medical professional advice:

  • Anyone with inflammation at the site of injection.
  • Anyone with extremely weak muscles at the site of injection
  • Anyone with haemophilia, a blood clotting disorder
  • Anyone with dysphagia, where they have problems with swallowing food.
  • Anyone with aspiration, where food goes in the air pipes.
  • Anyone with neuromuscular disorders (motor neuropathy)
  • Anyone currently undergoing surgery or suffering from head or chest injuries.

Who should not use this Azzalure® Botulinum?

Pregnant and lactating ladies ought not utilize this item as insufficient clinical information has been gathered to propose that it is protected. There is a danger of this item going through the mother to her child.

Any people that create touchiness or a hypersensitive response to the item ought to likewise cease from utilizing it. Kids under 18 and grown-ups more than 65 ought to likewise not utilize this item.

Anybody with a disease on the skin surface at the proposed infusion site should sit tight for the contamination to totally vanish first.

In the event that there is a plausible muscle weakness(myasthenia gravis) effectively present at that point don’t utilize Azzalure by the same token. The accompanying sicknesses and conditions ought to likewise preclude the utilization of this medication: Eaton Lambert disorder and amyotrophic sidelong sclerosis (degenerative nerve muscle issue).

Are there any associated side effects with Azzalure® Botulinum?

There are a scope of results which range from normal, marginally normal, not normal and uncommon. It is essential to know that tipsiness, hazy vision and muscle shortcoming may happen following treatment which implies that you ought not drive or utilize any machines until the side effects have cleared. In the event that you experience any issues with gulping food, or breathing or having the option to talk obviously, see your PCP straight away.

In the event that you use Azzalure more than required, your body will begin to make antibodies to battle against the medication as it will regard it as an unfamiliar body and start to attack it, which will deliver the impacts of Azzalure incapable. It is prudent to stand by at any rate 3 months prior to having any ensuing treatment.

It would be ideal if you note Azzalure organization incorporates egg whites from human blood, which implies there is a potential danger of viral contamination. It would be ideal if you contemplate this prior to beginning treatment.

Regular results incorporate redness, wounding, migraines and a tingling sensation at the site of infusion. Somewhat regular impacts incorporate eye torment, muscle jerking around the eye, eyelid growing, dropping of the eyelid, dry eyes and furthermore watery eyes. Considerably less unprecedented impacts incorporate inclination discombobulated, irritation, twofold vision, foggy vision, rashes and growing around the face. Uncommon responses that are incredibly far-fetched to happen incorporate issues with eye developments and the improvement of hives.

Dosage Forms

Azzalure exist in two forms namely,

  • Azzalure® (1x125iu)
  • Azzalure® (2x125iu)

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Dosage forms

Azzalure® (1x125iu), Azzalure® (2x125iu)


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