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Ferulac Peel Valencia

Original Ferulac Peel Valencia


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  • Secure pores and skin from Photograph-problems and cuts down as much as 40% on the thymine dimers with the cells DNA
  • Neutralizes the motion of no cost-radicals
  • Inhibits the exercise of tyrosinase
  • Dissolves the matter that retains the cells together within the corneum stratum
  • Shifts the epidermis cells
  • Stimulates epidermic exchange


What is Ferulac Peel Valencia?

Ferulac Peel Valencia is a Moisturizing spray with antioxidant properties that prevents and treats skin photoaging, smooth out wrinkles and helps to protect from external aggressions. I can cure damages caused by the sun, dehydration, wrinkles and blemishes. It is suitable for all types of skin


  • Higher antioxidant strength (Ferulic acid & vitamin C) protects skin from photo-damage and reduces up to 40% of the thymine dimers from the cell’s DNA and neutralizes the action of free radicals
  • Higher depigmenting strength to inhibits the activity of tyrosinase
  • Higher keratolytic strength (TCA & Salicylic acid) dissolves the matter that keeps the cells together in the corneum stratum, shifts the epidermis cells and stimulates epidermic exchange
  • Higher anti-aging strength to stimulate new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid
  • Higher tolerance: suitable for all skin types
  • Protect skin from photo-damage and reduces up to 40% of thymine dimers from the cells DNA.
  • Neutralizes the action of free-radicals.
  • Inhibits the activity of tyrosinase
  • Dissolves the matter that keeps the cells together in the corneum stratum.
  • Shifts the epidermis cells.
  • Stimulates epidermic exchange.


After cleaning and degreasing the skin, protect the most delicate areas (eye contour, mouth and nasal fins) with a suitable product (Silkses Skin Moisturizing Protector). Apply 1-3 coats of Ferulac Valencia Peel depending on the type of skin and the area to be treated.

The application must be done with gauze or brush quickly and evenly. Let the product dry between layers. If you wish, you can massage the product until it dries to enhance its penetration. Finish the treatment, sealing the treated area with 1 layer of 3-Retises Nanopeel 1% and let it act 6-8 hours. After the contact time, the patient should wash the area with plenty of water and a gentle cleansing gel.

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