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Hyaluronidase 300 IU

Hyaluronidase 300 IU


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What is Hyaluronidase 300 IU?

Hyaluronidase 300 IU or Hydase (hyaluronidase injection) is really a preapration of purified bovine testicular hyaluronidase, a protein enzyme. The precise chemical construction of the enzyme is unfamiliar.

Hydase (hyaluronidase injection) is available as sterile, colorless, odorless, All set to be used Resolution. Every get more info vial has 150 USP units of hyaluronidase per mL calcium chloride (0.4 mg), edetate disodium (1 mg), sodium chloride (8.5 mg), monobasic sodium phosphate buffer, sodium hydroxide to adjust the pH, and sterile water.

Hydase has an approximate pH of 6.9 and an osmolality of 275 to 305 mOsm


Important  Administration Recommendations

Usually do not administer Hydase intravenously simply because hyaluronidase enzyme is fast inactivated with intravenous administration.
Hydase™ could be administered for infiltration use, interstitial use, intramuscular use, intraocular use, retrobulbar use, comfortable tissue use and subcutaneous use.
Visually inspect parenteral drug merchandise for particulate subject and discoloration just before administration, Anytime the answer and container permit.

Generally use aseptic precautions for Hyaluronidase 300 IU.

Dosage For Absorption And Dispersion Of Subcutaneously Injected Medications

Absorption and dispersion of other injected medicine may very well be Increased by introducing fifty to three hundred Models, most ordinarily a hundred and fifty Models of hyaluronidase, to your injection Alternative.

It is usually recommended that correct references be consulted about Actual physical or chemical incompatibilities right before introducing Hydase™ to a solution containing An additional drug.

Dosage For Hypodermoclysis

Insert needle with aseptic precautions. With idea lying absolutely free and movable amongst skin and muscle mass, start out clysis; fluid really should start off in commonly with out pain or lump. Then inject Hydase™ (hyaluronidase injection) into rubber tubing near needle.

An alternate strategy is always to inject Hydase™ under pores and skin before clysis. a hundred and fifty Units will aid absorption of 1,000 mL or maybe more of Remedy. Just like all parenteral fluid therapy, observe outcome carefully, with same safeguards for restoring fluid and electrolyte balance as in intravenous injections. The dose, the speed of injection, and the sort of Resolution (saline, glucose, Ringer’s, etc.) need to be adjusted diligently to the individual client. When options devoid of inorganic electrolytes are specified by hypodermoclysis, hypovolemia could manifest. This may be prevented through the use of solutions that contains enough amounts of inorganic electrolytes and/or managing the volume and velocity of administration.

Hydase™ might be extra to compact volumes of Answer (as many as 200 mL), for instance compact clysis for infants or answers of medication for subcutaneous injection. For infants more info and kids a lot less than three years aged, the volume of just one clysis ought to be restricted to two hundred mL; and in premature infants or in the course of the neonatal period of time, the each day dosage must not exceed twenty five mL/kg of system pounds; the speed of administration really should not be increased than 2 mL for every moment. For more mature individuals, the rate and quantity of administration must not exceed Those people used for intravenous infusion.

Dosage For Subcutaneous Urography

The subcutaneous route of administration of urographic distinction media is indicated when intravenous administration can’t be efficiently achieved, especially in infants and little kids. With all the client vulnerable, 75 Units of Hydase™ (hyaluronidase injection) is injected subcutaneously above each scapula, accompanied by injection of the distinction medium at the exact same internet sites.

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HOW WE SUPPLIY Hyaluronidase 300 IU

Dosage Forms And Strengths

Injection 150 USP Units/mL single dose vials.

Storage And Handling

Hydase™ (hyaluronidase injection) Bovine is supplied sterile as 150 units/mL bovine  of hyaluronidase in a single-dose glass vial containing 1 mL.

NDC 17478-560-01 Package of 1 vial.
 17478-560-06 Package of 6 vials.
NDC 17478-560-10 Package of 10 vials.

Not recommended for IV Use.


Store in a refrigerator at 2° to 8°C (36° to 46°F).




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